There are certain persons on the world that have obtained a great thing in this world. Some are fearless fighters, others have won a big quest. Those special persons can obtain the title of Champion.

Ofcourse there is no room for an unlimited amount of champions in the world and therefor there can only be one Champion for each race. The champion will be crowned by the Immortal of that race. Everyone is free to try to get the title of Champion, but it will not be easy to obtain this title.

The Champions that we have so far are:
The Troll Champion, Andera
The Drow Champion, Hermod
The Half Elf Champion, Gudar
The Hall of Fame, previous Champions
If you want to become a champion of a race you will have to challange the current Champion. You can do this un the adventurers board. The Racial God will then contact you and the current Champion to settle the dispute.

The current Racial Gods are:

Ghent, God of Humans.
Ingwe, God of Elves.
Argus, God of Orcs and Trolls.
Strider, God of Half Elves.
Vanyar, God of Darkness, God of Drows.

Last update at November 26th 1999 by Vanyar.