Groups are forming everywhere around you, all groups have their own set of rules or guidlines. Groups are formed for different kinds of purposes and every group tries to reach it's goal.
On our world there are also groups, and some of those groups are becoming formal. These formal groups are called clans. Each clan has it's own goal, it's own members, a leader and an Immortal sponsor.

We are proud to present to you the following clans:

The Angels

The Brotherhood

The Charmers Guild

The Circle of Doom, who have no homepage at this moment.

The Redeemers, who have no homepage at this moment.

Clan Policy
There is a set of guidelines that keep the clans from turning into a great chaotic thing on the world. Those lines are written in the Clan Policy, we advise you to read these as well if you are intrested in joining a clan or if you are already in a clan.

Last update at June 27th Vanyar.