The Avatar Zephyr

What, you may ask, does a Avatar do on DiamondMud? Frankly, sometimes, I don't know myself, but I will try to explain it by telling you what I personally have done and still do for the world of Diamond.

First of all, a little something about myself. A long long time ago, I was born in the Dwarven clan of the Beastriders, on a day on which a strong westerly wind was blowing, which gave me my name. After a number of years adventuring through the realms of Diamond and working for the good of the Dwarven people, I was asked by the great God Alex to help him in his tasks. As I accepted, I was summoned by our great leader, Vanyar, to join the happy crew of Immortals in the creation and expansion of the world. A short while after this, I fell in love with the lovely Melissa. The feeling was mutual and we were married by the God of Thunder, Enalrae. Since then, I have been living a happy married life, relaxing with the occasional cigar and good whisky (If you have any, don't hesitate to let me know ;-) ) while thinking about new developments for the world, especially when it comes to Dwarves. I also enjoy spending time with my bride, who has always been a source of inspiration to me in my work and in my leisure.

That's me ... now for my work. After I joined the crew of Immortals, I worked on the restauration of the Dwarven citadel of Khazad-dum. Wandering through it, I slowly restored it to its former glory. While repairing the citadel, I stumbled upon the entrance of a forgotten town called Kirkwall, which has since its rediscovery become the hometown of the Dwarves. In the citadel, I found the monastery of Craigellachie, the Dwarven Distillery Unlimited and the two Dwarven kingdoms ruled by King Dagnir and King Dorgur. Repairing the citadel was quite a task, but, in due time, I completed the work and was able to see Dwarves proud of being Dwarves again.

After the completion of this first task, I spent quite some time looking for new activities to undertake. I tried my hand at quests, thought about new worlds, when I finally found a new challenge. For a while now, I have been trying to teach the inhabitants of the realms of Diamond to react to visitors. It is a totally new task and it will take quite some work to get a message into their brains (they are quite stubborn, the Dwarves worst of all). If you have any ideas as to what people in the lands should do, feel free to talk to me. I always appreciate ideas from enthousiastic people.

In my spare time, I have also been searching for more Dwarves, and stumbled upon some in Gilfarkildal, a town which will undoubtedly attract daring adventurers.

This should give you some idea of what a Avatar could be doing on Diamond. If you have any questions about it ... talk to me. I will answer you if I can and if I feel like it. (A bribe in whisky always helps ;-) )

Not too far in the past, two emissaries from the world of Kuandis, Griffin and Joe, came to me, asking for help. They had been charged by Kelnor to find brave adventurers willing to help Kelnor avenge the death of his parents. Listening to their story (which can be read as the history of the Circle of Doom), I agreed to assist in the creation of the clan of those brave adventurers willing to help Kelnor. This clan is called the Circle of Doom.

Most recently, it was found that the other short races of the world of Diamond, the Halflings and the Gnomes, did not have a godly representative. As such, I was tasked to become representative of all vertically challenged races. Thus, if you are a Dwarf, a Gnome or a Halfling, feel free to mention any trouble you may have to me and I shall do my best to solve it for all of your race fellows.

Zephyr Greenleaf, God of the Vertically Challenged
- Dwarven builder by godly appointment
- The west wind blowing a fresh breeze through the world of Diamond

If you want to know more about Zephyr's relation to Dwarves, this is where to go.


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