This page contains the newbie help from DiamondMud. You can access it from within DiamondMud itself by typing newbie These pages are still under contruction so they are not yet realy accurate. If you feel that some vital information is missing then please do send an email about this to Vanyar.

Welcome New Player
Welcome new player of this growing but nice mud (at least we hope that it is nice to you). This mud is a fantasy based mud that runs from The Hague, Netherlands. The Mud is located at The Haagse Hogeschool of Proffesional Education. It is known as a HBO Education in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a small country in Europe (41'160 square km, 15'000'000 inhabitants) and it's capitel is Amsterdam.

This Document will be able to help you guide you through the first steps of the Diamond World. Because of the different races there will be different documents containing help. What you need to do from here is follow the link to your own Race:

Help for all races, general tips

Help on the colors in the world


Humans and Half Elves



Last update at April 27th 1999 by Vanyar.