31 December 2009 Diamondmud.org
From the last day of 2009 on we have our old domain back again. So the game can be reached at:
Telnet diamondmud.org 4000

The homepage (as you can see) can be found at: http://www.diamondmud.org


25 Oct 2009 Restart or what?
It is somewhat funny to see when I do this. A year ago, give or take a few days I was at home working on my HP-UX 11.0 server. Alas, a few months later this machine got too hot and gave up.

Now I am working on another server again, a Linux machine this time. That should be more stable and less hot. Which means, that I am hoping to get this machine & DiamondMud up and running again. We shall see.

Of course I am unable to do this all alone, I need at least two programmers that will help me. The last time, Ghent fixed me up. So let's see if we can get him around again as well. Any others that want to return?

Once again, enjoy our game and let me know your feedback!

12 Oct 2008 Back Up & Running:
On Sunday the 12th of October 2008 I have started a new server and ported my old DiamondMud project to this server. I am still unable to compile, but the game is a foot.

Of course Ghent is the actual one that got the mud to run again. I just had the code and a machine to aid.

Once again, enjoy our game and let me know your feedback!

01/02/2004 Major Update:
On Monday the 26th of January 2004 I did a major update on the Mud. For one thing, the amount of spells for Cleric and Mage have been (nearly) doubled. Also I did some (well needed) bugfixing and implemented some other changes.

A short list:

  • Mages have a new (extra) guildmaster, find him along the middle road.
  • Clerics have a new (extra) guildmaster, find him near hidden mountain.
  • Mages and clerics can learn new spells at their new guildmasters. Which ones can be found in the help...
  • (Almost) all limited items load again on reboot.
  • Mobiles use their skills even more.
  • Practicing has been made slightly more dificult and slightly more dependant on INT.
  • 'who' now show the number of players online during the last peak.
  • Drow city has been adapted to facilitate Drow better, it can now be chosen as a hometown (but only drow should do so, or other races, if they like a challenge ;-)
Also, a number of bugs were fixed:
  • fixed a minor bug in the target of the WORDING of a mob spell. (Dominic)
  • fixed a minor rounding bug in create_money (money objects are now a little heavier) (Kheldar)
  • steals that fail because you carry too much weight will be noted to you. (Kheldar)
  • moved 'reply' before 'repair' in MCL (so 're' => 'reply' again)
  • Cleared a buffer after/before using it in 'say_spell' (Katrina/Andune)
  • fixed various typos throughout the code, help, credits, immortal handbook and newbie help.

As always I expect there to be new bugs, please report them using the 'bug' command within the game.

--> Ghent

During the last Chrismas holidays I looked through DiamondMud and decided to post the following on the Holy board:
dear players,

I have heard rumors that people got the impression that DiamondMud is closing down...


during this crismas break i've been doing some work on DiamondMud again, more about
that later ;-), and even if the whole IT decides to quit there is still no reason to
shutdown the mud.

(The mudmachine is an old HP A180 'workstation' at the HHS, not used for much more
then DiamondMud and some websites, the connection is free (and fast) the costs in 
terms of power (electricity) are virtually nothing, and the machine is robust enough.
technically there is no reason to shut down ;-)

DiamondMud is now over 10 years old (if someone has an idea to celebrate that, let me
know ;-) and will go on! The place has 10 years of work, in it, an unique world and
still some really dedicated players...

I alone cannot keep this place running in prime condition (that is, with players) I to
have a real life to deal with ;-) but i can still code and keep the mud 'running'.
If a lot of people are willing to invest a little bit of their time in DiamondMud, I'm
sure we'll be able to let it flourish again...

I want to thank: Bloodshot, Eladamri, Mestoph and Cheese, for the support they are
giving, some more, some little, but the support is there, even in the little time they
can or want to spent here...

I'd like it if more people are willing to invest a little time in DiamondMud. If you
 think you can help, or if you just want to help, no matter how little time you can or
 want to invest, please let me know...

 I'd like to wish all of you 'Merry chrismas' and a 'Good New Year'.


I'm planning a new coderelease early in January 2004 (within 2 weeks), I'll keep you updated.

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