This page can be useful for some newbies cause some higher level players don't like to help newbies and they just kill them when they start whining.

Click on one of the names of these fine players below.

Rendoran Armageddon

Profile of Devastator

Devastator is a bit of a loner, he usually fights on his own.
Only good friends will be helped by this devastating mindcontroller.
He certainly doesn't like people whining, so better watch out.
He's goes totally out of his mind with some nice
Hardcore, Hardtrance, Gabber, Ambient, Trance or Techno.
If you want to please him, give him an icecream.....
And to all female players..... he's still single....
Although sometimes he has the cool habit to have
instant showers with people...

Da devastating mindcontroller, aka Deva

Profile of Droin

Droin is a powerfull cleric who likes to help.
Although he is mostly evil aligned, inside
he is always good.
Occasionally he will enchant the mud with his
singing on the music channel.


Profile of Hero

Hero once also was a powerfull cleric just like Droin
but he chose for IMMortality and started other characters.
Still as IMM he likes to talk to players
and have some fun with them.
Mostly he's working at the diamond homepage (yes this one),
so he could be afk sometimes. But he's always there to help people,
although some mortals should understand I cannot group, heal
or get corpses/eq for them. Read the policy !


Profile of Ratto

The name already says so, he's just a rat....
He likes to PK, and loot corpses from
players who just died....
So... be warned, the rat is watching you,
and don't step on his tail...

Ratto the Rat

Profile of Rendoran Armageddon

Although not the oldest of characters, he has wandered the realms of DiamondMud
for a long time, dating back to October 1994. Rendoran is currently one
of the most powerful mortal fighters, equalled only by his beautiful
wife, Katerina.

In his earlier days, Rendoran was often associated with helping weaker
individuals, but times change. Disillusioned by the lack of respect and
thanks, he stopped, only helping those he felt worthy of attention.

During his travels, Rendoran has gained a slight wisdom and perhaps a
fleeting grip on reality. Unfortunately, he still has a somewhat volatile
temperment and a what can only be called a unique sense of humour.
Despite this, the values of Truth, Love and Honour are very important to him.
He holds liars and rumourmongers with contempt. A quick death is too good for


Rendoran Armageddon

Profile of Venice

Venice is a cool cleric. With his immense bastard sword he slashes
everything that tries to stop him from his ultimate experience.
You got a good chance he will help you if you ask it in a nice way.
He helped many players before. He is no playerkiller. But does like
justice. Revenge is his middle name so no messing around with him.

greetings, Venice the dude

Ok, if you want your profile here.... mail me...
But you will have to be a level 25 player or higher..

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