DiamondMud Players

The face of each mud, is not only the code and the world that are being created by a small group of persons. Persons that we call the Immortals of DiamondMud. No, there is another very significant group of persons of great importance to DiamondMud. This group are the Players of DiamondMud.
That is why we decided to make a part of the homepage to introduce to you the players of DiamondMud. Since we have not many to show to you, we can start with this one page. In the future we hope that this will grow to a large database of all players that enhibith the Diamond World.

Argus (Argus, his tan, and a friend) (At Sabbath)
Borg (In the background with beard)
HRO-Group, Anthor, Cartman, Eladamri and Mestoph.
Lanfear 1 2 3
Lusipher (In front, with a beer)
Oxoid 1 2 3
Armegalo (With sanctuary cast)

Last update at August 3rd 2000 by Vanyar.