This page contains the policy from DiamondMUD. You can access it from within DiamondMud itself
by typing : policy <enter>

There are a number of items that you can ask our policies (or rules about) and they are here in this list. By following the link you can read what we mean by this.

The following sections will explain and review the MUD's policies. Every player is expected to have read this. Policy updates will be announced in the message section of the opening screen, and after every update you are expected to read this text again. These rules should be followed to achieve a certain degree of order on DiamondMud. And as everybody is expected to be familar with these rules, ignorance is no excuse.

The Topics are:


Multi Playing


Character Sharing

Offensive Names




Player Killing

Player Stealing

Last update at April 22nd 1998 by Vanyar.