The Dwarven people in the realms of Diamond

"I have been asked to tell you something about the Dwarven people who live in the realms of Diamond. As I was not born in the realms, but in a land far to the North, now long forgotten, I might forget a few details which a Dwarf born and raised here might have heard. I can, however, tell you about the evolution that the Dwarven people underwent since I arrived in the realms. When I arrived here, transported to these lands by the great God Alex, I found Dwarven clans fighting amongst themselves and being cornered in by the Drows. I helped unite the clans and resolve their internal disputes so that they were able to rise against the Drow ... and defeat them. Having accomplished this task, I joined the ranks of the Immortals from where I witnessed the further evolution of the Dwarven realm.

This history can be split in a few chapters, which I shall shortly describe. The first chapter covers the recreation of the Dwarven citadel of Khazad-dum by the two Dwarven Kingdoms. When I first walked the realms, the two Kingdoms were split and fighting heavily. The remains of these years of conflict can still be seen in the former Battle Zone, now called the neutral zone. After I helped reunite the two Kingdoms, I helped them in rebuilding their citadel and their treasure rooms, although the toll of rebuilding was heavy and the treasure rooms are still not at their fullest. The coming years should see additional items appearing in those treasure rooms, but one can never be sure, although the rule of King Dorgur and King Dagnir has already led to tremendous growth and prosperity.

As the kingdoms started to know years of relative welfare, two projects were born in the minds of the kings. King Dorgur, a devoted Templar, suggested the creation of a monastery to celebrate the glory of Craigellachie, a Dwarven god dedicated to prosperity. At the same time, King Dagnir, a devoted drinker of whisky, suggested that the Dwarven people should unite to create their own whisky.

The second project led to the creation of the Dwarven Distillery Unlimited, a joint venture between the two kingdoms, producing the best whiskies in the realms of Diamond, unrivalled and appreciated by all lovers of a good drink. Over the years, the range of available whiskies has grown incredibly, and it is now certainly worth paying a visit to the whisky dealer holding shop within the Distillery. If you are lucky, you might be able to talk the Manager of the Distillery into taking you on a tour of the whole Distillery, included their storage cellars, where vats and vats of whisky are stored, slowly maturing to perfection.

The first project was executed at a slightly later date (give or take one hundred years). The monastery was set up and many a devout Dwarf joined the ranks of the monks of Craigellachie. One of the monks is now famous in many places for the quality of his Dwarven breadrolls. If you ever feel the need to confess and to pray, the monastery is the place to be, and visitors are always welcome.

The last chapter in the history of the Dwarves is the discovery of Kirkwall. As I was helping the Dwarven Kingdoms with the rebuilding of their citadel and the creation of the monastery and the distillery, I stumbled upon a corridor that looked closed by fallen rocks. I removed these rocks, and found a quaint little town, which I personally restored to its normal state. It is now inhabited by quite a number of inhabitants and a group of happy shopkeepers which will be more than glad to help you complete your kit or furnish you with food and drink. As the Dwarven population grows, many have chosen to settle in Kirkwall, leading to its current status of Dwarven hometown.

I think that that covers the story of the Dwarves of Khazad-dum. I might have left out some of the stories, but there are a number of Dwarves who will be able to complete your knowledge if you ask them. In any case, feel free to visit the Dwarven citadel and buy some of their good whisky.

As told by Zephyr - Former of all Dwarves