Zephyr and Dwarves

There is many a story floating around describing Zephyr's relation to the Dwarven people. Some, like Urlm, remember stories of Zephyr as the first Dwarven Champion for having defeated the evil Drows. Others have always heard of Zephyr as the former God of all Dwarves and do not believe that he ever was a mortal.

These are just some of the rumours heard in the realms of Diamond and there probably are only a few people who might have known the truth, such as Vanyar or Zephyr himself. Unfortunately, even they do not fully remember. There are, however, a few facts that have been gathered.

Zephyr was born in a realm far to the North, now long forgotten, in the Dwarven clan of the Beastriders. Although he was mainly trained in the art of healing, he also mastered the skill required to ride the traditional steed of his clan, the smilodon. Having completed his training, he set out to adventure with his trusted smilodon, Khazan. As he was gaining fame and experience, the attention of the great God Alex fell upon him. Alex asked him to restore the pride of the Dwarves of Khazan-dum. Zephyr first worked on this task as a mortal , organising the clans and creating peace between them. After this, he was raised to the ranks of immortality to help the Dwarven people rebuild their citadel. In the process, he uncovered a small Dwarven town called Kirkwall which he made into the hometown of all Dwarves.

This is only another version of the tales concerning Zephyr. He himself does not often talk about his mortal years, but others remember and do the talking. The clouds of time have obscured the history books, leaving all to guess at the full story. One thing is clear and always has been clear. Zephyr is and always has been a true Dwarf, proud of his roots and ready to help a fellow Dwarf. At the time of his rise to immortality, Zephyr has vowed to always protect the Dwarven people and to try to serve their best interest by always being there in times of need. He also vowed that he would lead Dwarves to fight injustice and live in peace with other races, having himself witnessed the great loss of seeing Dwarven clans bickering and fighting before he united them. His credo might best describe him and his relation to the Dwarven people:
"A shot of Dwarven whisky a day keeps the doctor away, but it is best enjoyed with a friend who has not yet realised that Dwarven whisky is best."