On DiamondMud there are a couple of Wizards that keep the mud running, they are called the Implementation Team (or IT). They are the ones that are mainly responsible for DiamondMud as it is.

At this moment the following people are members of the Implementation Team of DiamondMud:

  • Ghent, Code responsible and main Coder
  • Strider, Spiritual father and parttime Coder
  • Razor, World Management
  • Dominic, Quest Master and assisting in World Management
  • Ingwe, temporarily retired, working on Magic Proposals
  • Vanyar, Administrator

    At the 2nd DiamondMud Meeting which was in November of 1999 in the Hague, this unique picture was taken. It is the first picture taken ever of the entire DiamondMud Implementation Team.

    From left to right you see, Vanyar, Strider, Blade (retired), Razor, Ingwe (retired ??) and Ghent.

    We also have had some old Immortals that helped us out in the past, we would like to thank them for their efford and time that they spend on the mud. They are the following persons; Darkwing, Elan, Enalrae, Lane, Melissa, Mylor, Vyper, and Zephyr.

    Just to give you a little impression of what the two "bosses" of DiamondMud look like:

    It is Vanyar on the left side and Strider to the right. The picture was made by Chopper, the former Implementor of EnsiMud at the world trade center in New York City. It is sad to see that this picture can never be made again in the future due to the sad action of terrorists.

    Last update by Vanyar at May 21ste 2002.